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Monday, October 30, 2006

Umro ayar

what a character. somebody who is smart, sharp, cunning, witty and always win. wel i guess heroes do have to come up first. i remember i was a little kid and gogin to the nearest bookshop waiting for the new novels to relase. Umro ayar had a fight with some big devil king name Assab ( not sure) and him and ameer humza are always trying a way to destroy them and get rid of evil. in every episode , Asaab introduced stronger villians and try to kill umro ayar .But he kept on disaapperaing with his SALMANI JHADAR ( invisible cloth). he also had a ( ZANBIL). a Bag that would contain al the gold of the world and can store anything without finding it.

Then there was JALOSAK MALOSAK, two brother whose father was a scientist and they took their father space ship in space one day and when returned back to earth, they found 80 years have past and their family is all dead and then went on space adventures.

Inspectar jamsehed series, a world of crazy adventure with strong fighting and words like crazy.ishatiaq ahmed spend hal fof his life time creating and modifying his characters to give the nation a new world create dby own his own imagination. where you have to right to be who you are and try to fight the evil.

his novel like BLACK HOLE and SAMAUDER KA DARWAZA, actually talks about black holes in space and bermuda triangle(devils triangle)interesting ways of writing using scientific concepts.

last but never the least the GREAT IBN_E_SAFI. the original creator of ALI IMRAN. The mild manner, goofball super spy whose mind is as sharp as katana sword and whose witts will never sto to amaze. he used urdu language and created a beautoful scenery of his imaginary world. Even now, still, people try to copy him , can never be like him.

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